José et Éléonore Balensi

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José Balensi discovered the power of lace in 1992 and it has determined his career. Balensi Paris was founded to decline this precious material on any apparel.

As lace was formerly dedicated to lingerie, the designer redefined it into pants, skirts, gowns, jumpsuits and more, in a stretch material (hand dyed) that sublimates women by perfectly fitting their body.

Season after season, José Balensi reinvents perennially fashionable styles. With their variety, associated with infinite colors, every collection released from the French workshops is exclusive. The woman wearing Balensi is sophisticated, elegant, and glamorous.

Balensi Paris’s creations are chosen for their cut, their uncluttered and timeless style, as well as their details that are the symbol of their unique style. From casual to evening dress, from wrap to long dress, from morning to evening, his lace displays, asserts, matches.

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Season after season, José Balensi reinvents styles that are always in fashion. With their variety, combined with infinite colors, each collection coming out of the French workshops is exclusive.

The Heritage.

Almost 30 years after he began this adventure, his daughter, Eléonore, joined him to bring a new vision to the brand, and develop additional collections like the Bridal collection and the Accessories.

I’ve watched my father’s work for so many years, and I always knew I would carry on the story with him. He passed on his passion for fashion to me and I think it’s great to be able to work with him everyday.