Balensi Paris was born in 1992 from the desires of its creator José Balensi to decline lace, a precious material, for any type of garment. Inspired by the effervescence of 1950s fashion, he designs dresses with a unique technique and rigor.

Balensi Paris is committed to a know-how that is reflected in the quality work carried out in French workshops. Meticulous lace embroidery on tulle, pearls and other feathers enhance the material and the products. These are hand dyed which offers an almost unlimited range of tones.

The purpose of the brand lies in its ability to sublimate the body of women through a stretch material, a unique cut and infinite colors.
The woman who wears Balensi Paris sees in every occasion the way to be sophisticated, glamorous, simply irresistible. She looks for original and timeless outfits to embrace her femininity and add a dose of audacity.

Balensi Paris’s creations are chosen for their cut, their uncluttered and timeless style, as well as their details that are the symbol of their unique style.

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Season after season, José Balensi reinvents styles that are always in fashion. With their variety, combined with infinite colors, each collection coming out of the French workshops is exclusive.

The Heritage.

José Balensi passed in 2021 but his daughter, Eléonore wanted to continue this adventure created more than 30 years ago. Bringing a new vision to the brand and keeping the timeless background was an obviousness.

I’ve watched my father’s work for so many years, and I always knew I would carry on the story with him. He passed on his passion for fashion to me and it’s a precious heritage I will cherish forever.